Wild Adventures Trip Report


Conveniently located just off Interstate 75, you’ll find Wild Adventures Theme Park- a park that is packed full of adventures for the entire family! This park is great stop for anyone traveling down I-75 to or from Florida, as there are activities for everyone to enjoy. We highly recommend adding it to your to-do list soon!


Wild Adventures packs plenty of thrills offering seven roller coasters throughout the park! The seven coasters offer a great variety from wooden to steel and offer selections for the daring adventurers to family thrill seekers.

Cheetah is a 90 foot tall, 3,000 foot long wooden coaster which offers a panoramic view of the park before dropping riders along a track which reaches an excess of 50 mph! Cheetah was built by Customs Coasters, Inc. in 2001.

Viking Voyage offers a 45-foot decent and takes riders up to speeds to 40 mph. The style of this ride is known in the coaster community as a Triple Out and Back.


Swamp Thing is a suspended Vekoma International coaster that takes riders up and over Wild Adventure’s swap area. Swamp Thing twists and turns riders at speeds up to 26 mph and to 1,122 feet of twist and turns.  Make sure you secure all your personal belongings because as you twist and turn, you find yourself dangling over gators below!


Twisted Typhoon is a Vekoma suspended looping coaster offering a roller over, sidewinder, and a double inline twist inversions. Twisted Typhoon reaches speeds up to 49 mph and a height over 100 feet!


Boomerang is a thrilling Vekoma steel coater offering a cobra roll and a vertical loop. Boomerang drops riders 125 feet, providing 5.2 G’s at speeds of 48 mphs.


Go Bananas is a “wild mouse” styled coaster which spins, turns, and drops riders who are looking for a great thrill. The coaster reaches a height of 49 feet and offers 1,214 feet of family fun.


Ant Farm Express is a thrilling family coaster in Vekoma’s style of a roller skate model coaster. Ant Farm Express reaches a top speed of 22 mph and a drop of 20 feet, making this a great first time coaster for little thrill seekers 36” or taller in your family!


If roller coasters aren’t your speed, Wild Adventures boast some really fun flat rides for the entire family. One of our favorite flat-ride styles that offers great thrills can be found here at Wild Adventure, Tailspin. Tailspin launches you 50 feet forwards and then backwards, spinning as you get a great 360 of the area around you.


After you get your fill of thrills, stop by the Splash Island Water Park (opened seasonally AND included in the price of admission) which located within Wild Adventures. The Waterpark offers Catchawave Bay, a 20,000 square-foot wave pool, Paradise River, a lazy river that wraps around Splash Island, and a great selection of exhilarating water slides!


Another great option within Wild Adventures is the opportunity to see various animals located within the park. The Two Toed Sloth (our personal favorite) can be found at Wild Adventures, alongside of a many other captivating animals including wildebeest, monkeys, rhinos, lions, tigers, bears- oh my!



Wild Adventures provides a great experience for all those who visit. From coasters to waterparks to animal exhibits to shows, Wild Adventures is definitely a stop that everyone must make.


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3766 Old Clyattville Rd, Valdosta, GA 31601