Dorney Park Announces Their 2017 Additions

Dorney has announced that they will be adding two new rides and a couple more improvements around the park.


First off, The park is adding some new Bumper Cars to the park’s line-up.

“Back by the popular demand of Dorney Park guests….bumper cars! Just when you think you’ve got a clear path, BAM!–there’s someone you didn’t dodge. Get behind the wheel of this midway classic and take a crash course in family fun.”

The park is also adding a Troika, going by the name of Kaleidescope

“Test your thrill level with a spin on the all new Kaleidescope, a circular ride sending guests on a counter-clockwise trip of weightlessness and acceleration.
Manufactured by HUSS, the ride will feature three arms of seven gondolas moving counterclockwise against the ride’s main clockwise direction.”

The Live E department is getting a new addition, as well, with the addition of Cirque Imagine.

“New in 2017, Cirque Imagine will surely amaze crowds of all ages. This action-packed show features incredible displays of high-flying acrobatics, feats of strength, raw athleticism, beauty, grace and sidesplitting humor. You’re sure to stay on the edge of your seat and keep coming back for more!

Sit back, relax and cool off at the Good Time Theatre and take in a show like no other! Best yet, like all other live shows at Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom, it is included with park admission.

Once you’ve been amazed, stay after the show to meet and greet your favorite performers!”

Wildwater Kingdom is also receiving 29 new cabanas and a new full-service bar with the addition of “Sunset Beach Bar”.


In addition to all of this, the park will be receiving “Parkside Pavilion”, which will be able to seat 2,000.