Review: Monster Mountain Haunted Attraction in Hendersonville, TN


We were invited by our friends at Monster Mountain to come experience their one-of-a-kind Haunt. Located approximately 20 minutes outside of Nashville, TN this outdoor haunted attraction has you walking through approximately 30 minutes worth of different scenes, buildings, and paths. When you first enter you must navigate through a clown infested black-light lit maze. After escaping the maze you find yourself outside, walking up a dark mountain path. Along the way you will encounter an alien crash site, a school, a town over-run by zombies, a creepy doll house, a haunted dance club, a morgue, and several other scenes that will be sure to scare and terrify you.

We greatly enjoyed our time at Monster Mountain, the scenery is all very well done, the scareactors really go out of their way to try to scare you, and the location make it a truly unique venue. I prefer outdoor haunts over enclosed ones, and this one is my favorite to visit every year. If you are anywhere near the Nashville, TN area, I HIGHLY recommend making plans this Halloween season to stop out at Monster Mountain and have the fright of your life.

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