Paranoia Quest Escape The Room Atlanta : Zombie Apocalypse


Imagine how you would react if you were in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and it was up to you and a group of your friends to break into a high-security government research facility to try to find a cure! You don’t have to imagine this scenario, you can actually experience it right now at Paranoia Quest Escape The Room Atlanta. We were invited to experience this exciting attraction in the heart of Downtown Atlanta, and we had an absolute blast!

We started off as a group of 3 and we met 2 more people that would be joining us. After we locked up our personal possessions and cell phones (but not my secret spy gear) we were given the rules and the overview of what we had to do. Our mission was to figure out how to break into the research facility, finish the work that the now dead scientists had started, and broadcast the chemical components of the cure to the world. Did I mention that we only had 1 hour to do so or else the facility’s self-destruct system would have killed us with nerve gas?  Yeah, no stress involved here at all, I mean it’s just the ENTIRE WORLD you have to save!

There are several rooms that you have to enter to finish your quest, and numerous puzzles within each room. Some of the puzzles are rather straight forward and easy to solve, while others required you all to work as a team and figure it out. They say 2 minds are greater than 1 and that is very much the case here, the more people you have with you the greater the chance you will have at escaping. You are not stranded in the room however, a staff member is just a walkie-talkie away should you become stumped and desperately need a clue.

The next time you are going to be in the Atlanta area, I highly recommend checking this location out. It’s an awesome way to spend an hour exercising your wits with some friends. You can make your reservations at

Check out the video we made of our visit: