Adventureland to add “The Monster” in 2016 -By Josh Cameron

Adventureland announced yesterday that they will be adding Monster in 2016! Monster will be the largest investment the park has made since Adventure Bay, costing an estimated 9 million dollars.


Monster will start off with a 133 foot tall vertical lift hill, followed by a 110 degree (20 degrees beyond vertical) first drop to reach its top speed of 65 MPH. The ride will have 5 inversions, including the first zero-g stall in the western hemisphere, and 10 airtime moments during the 2500 foot ride.


Monster’s layout, provided by Adventureland.

Monster doesn’t come without a loss, though. This ride is the replacement of yet another classic log flume. The Log Ride will give it’s last ride on September 7th, 2015, ending it’s nearly 40 year life. While the ride was still structurally sound, technology has advanced since it was built. Also, water rides are very expensive to maintain.

Photo provided by Park Jouney


Monster is expected to open in June of 2016!