Cornwall / Devon UK – Milky Way Adventure Park

The next park we visited during our Cornwall / Devon weekend was the Milky Way Adventure Park. This has been a park I’ve been wanting to visit for quite a while, mainly due to their pretty unique roller coaster called Clone Zone (which I’ll come back to shortly). The Milky Way is located in Bideford in North Devon. It’s a pretty low key looking place as you near it but you’ll soon discover one of the biggest indoor areas of family run theme park that you’ve ever seen!

The majority of this park is indoors in a series of interconnected buildings. After entering you pass the gift shop and are presented immediately faced with a huge sign saying “Clone Zone”, Perfect, exactly what I wanted to experience. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite ready to open so I wandered off to see what else the park had to offer.

What I encountered around the next corner was one of the strangest yet really pretty awesome attractions ever. An absolutely massive room containing Science-Fiction Memorabilia! Mainly from Doctor Who and Star Wars. As a huge Doctor Who fan, I was quite happy to see all this. They had a number of life size Daleks, an Ood, a Weeping Angel and a Silent. The Star Wars room was on another level. Figures lined up the length of both walls, full scenes mocked up in booths at the far end and a whole collection of minifigures, comics and action figures in the centre.

After a browse of all this memorabilia, I continued venturing the buildings and discovered some indoor dodgems called Droid Dodgems. It was really dark in here with loud music and disco lights. The dodgems themselves were pretty decent and got some decent jolts and bumps from other people.

After a ride on the dodgems, I managed to find the outdoors and spotted a roller coaster!  Unfortunately the weather from overnight was still looming, therefore it wasn’t running at the time. Back to Clone Zone it was.

Clone Zone had opened so I made my way into the line and we were invited inside to be told that we were to be beamed up to an alien mothership and if we saw any aliens then screaming would have them running away! Good to know!  We wandered through metal ducts in the spaceship and then through a series of caves which led to the Freezer Room. We were warned that there was a sleeping alien inside and we’d best be careful not to wake it.  Unfortunately a child in our group (well, I’m going to blame it on them!) woke it up!   We quickly ran past, over the stepping stones and hopped on our escape bike.  The bike zoomed us around the galaxy, nearing a quick attack from an alien and then we landed. A quick escape down a slide and we were out! Phew!  The coaster itself is a Caripro BatFlyer. Not many of these has existed but this one has been operating since 1997 and it’s a super fun little ride! You do get quite a bit of speed and I’m very glad to finally get to have ridden it. The story led queue is also a very cool idea and is amazing for kids, they all seem just scared enough. Being told that all they needed to do to scare the aliens off, seemed to reassure them though.

At this point, I decided to wander around the outdoor areas as the rain was slowly stopping. The Milky Way has a rather large Maze out the back of the park which I decided to visit.  The ride operators waiting to run the coasters did laugh when I said I was going in the maze as they had seen people enter and then the rain throw it down and see people panicking running back and forth trying to get out.  I decided to brave it and made my way in.  It’s not a terribly difficult maze but took me around 10-15 minutes. Thankfully the rain stayed away.

Finally the coasters did their morning checks and soon enough I hopped onto Cosmic Typhoon. This is an Interpark Galaxi layout coaster which opened in 2007. It’s currently undergoing a paint job into a brand new orange colour. The ride was reasonably smooth and ran really nicely. I took a couple of laps before a quick ride on the park’s Wacky Worm: Cosmic Caterpillar.

Due to time commitments, I had to leave at this point. The Milky Way Adventure Park is a very very unique and interesting park to visit and would recommend it to families with younger children. Clone Zone was by far the best attraction to me at the park and I really do hope they keep it running for as long as is possible!