Cornwall / Devon UK – Crealy Adventure Park

So, last weekend, we did a short trip to visit a number of the amusement parks in Cornwall / Devon in the UK. It’s an area of the UK that really doesn’t get much of a mention in the amusement park area but there are quite a number of smaller family style attractions that are well worth visiting. In all, we visited Crealy Adventure Park, The Milky Way Adventure Park, The Big Sheep and then just up the coast a visit to Funland at the Tropicana and Break Theme Park. Today I’ll write about my visit to Crealy.

Crealy is the South West’s largest theme park for families and is located in Exeter.  They have 60 rides and attractions as well as lodging, camping, entertainment/sports and leisure facilities.

Being Coaster insane, we headed straight for the largest coaster they have: Twister! Twister is an SBF spinning coaster, but not one of those small figure 8 ones. This is a full-scale large version. Unfortunately, it did start raining as I entered the queue but a few minutes of rains came and went and after a couple of test runs it was back in action. Twister opened in 2015 and due to how new it is, it rode really nicely. I thoroughly enjoyed the views from the top over the rest of the park and the surrounding countryside.

After Twister, I ventured into the Lost Word of Atlantis. This is an indoor area of the park with a number of smaller rides (frog hopper and other spinning attractions. The main ride in here is a figure 8 coaster also by SBF (not spinning though) called Shark Bay). The area is really well themed and also has a matching soundtrack playing in the background.

We had a bit of a wander around the rest of the park to see what they offered and noticed Dino Jeeps. This is a Zamperla car ride where families can take an expedition around a number of dinosaurs. Just be careful with indoors, you may not be as safe as you think!!  We did like the idea of the Velociraptor guarding a time capsule that was buried in 2014 at the time Dino Jeeps opened. It’s going to be excavated in 2039. Now that will be interesting!

Crealy seems to have a pretty good 50/50 split on rides and play structures around the park. Some of the play areas were huge and loads of children were having a terrific time exploring them all. The park is also home to a Legoland-esque driving school attraction, bumper boats (with very powerful water squirters on the front!) and also a Log Flume.

At this point, we took a look at the animals. Who knew that Crealy practically had an entire zoo onsite too?  And it’s all included in your one ticket entry cost as well.  We loved the Meerkats and Marmosets and also saw Monkeys, Crocodiles and has an entire barn (near to Atlantis) dedicated to farm animals.

Before, heading off we went to ride the parks third and final roller coaster. This time it’s Maximus and it’s a Vekoma Junior Coaster. Yes, it is the standard layout but quite uniquely it’s Roman-themed. The first drop in a tunnel is fun and had a very full queue all day during our visit.

This is unfortunately where our adventure at Crealy ended.  It’s a great family park with a large selection of rides, attractions, play areas and animals. Well worth visiting if you are around the Exeter area!